Impressions from a troubled mind

Trevor AmosAfter secondary education cast me out into the grown up world in 1968, I wandered through many jobs and iterations, eventually retiring from a successful Sales Directors role in 2016. I started writing in 2001 after, somewhat reluctantly, telling my future co-author (Keith Stevens) about my idea for what became Puppet Messiah. Thinking it was a good concept for a trilogy of novels we crafted this, off and on, over the next nine years and eventually we self published it on Amazon Kindle and left it to drift along picking up the odd sale here and there ever since and receiving excellent reviews from readers. The time it took to write plus growing work pressures cast me into something more like writers exile than writers block and led me to electronically shred vast amounts of other writings, something I bitterly regret now. In 2015, I put finger to keyboard once more when Keith challenged me to write three short stories as part of a U3A writers circle he was running. This led to me relighting the urge to write and since then I have rekindled (excuse the pun Amazon) my enjoyment in writing short stories. Recently, through my freind ship with GrahamI wrote my first poem drivenby his passion for poetry and by my anger at the horrors of Syria and this first attempt has set off the writing of many others although some, I think, read more like song lyrics. I have no formal training in any style of writing but I’ve started the journey to get my ideas on to paper and I hope that you may find some, if not all, enjoyable and thought provoking reads.


Short Stories

* Last things is going be a collection of short stories about many different last things in the world e.g. Oil, whales. Add and share your own ending.etc. 


  • Up’s & Down’s
  • Motorkill
  • Butterfly
  • Snuffed Out
  • Thirst
  • In Gods Image
  • Outsider
  • Aleppo
  • Covert Passions
  • Regardless